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Following the software development boom represented in frameworks such as Scrum, Extreme Programming (XP) and Agile Testing, owning the possibility of constant refactoring and code integration has become increasingly critical.

Organizations’ quality in terms of their digital assets has become both key and competitive, thus requiring proper quality assurance processes which involve functional and technical tests as well as the design of manual and automated hybrid strategies.

Where do we focus on?

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Mobile testing

We test a wide range of mobile devices and operating systems prioritizing “Mobile First” release and development strategies. We use tools such as: Perfecto Mobile, AWS Farm.

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Usability testing

Objective analysis of the user interface, in order to improve its ease and efficiency of use, and therefore, the end user experience of the product. Usability problems can mean loss of time, information and customers.

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Accessibility testing

We provide accessibility evaluation, review, and analysis so as to avoid webpage accessibility problems while complying with existing guidelines, laws and accessibility standards. We use TAW Web as our main tool.

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Automation testing (web)

We provide services to automate functional and regression tests, ensuring these tests can be executed quickly and repetitively. We work with software development processes such as TDD and BDD. We rely on the following tools: Selenium Web Driver, Cucumber, Maven, Java, Python.

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Functional testing

We execute and design taking each software’s functional specifications into consideration so as to verify that they work according to our clients’ functional specifications and requirements. We use tools such as: Jira, Redmine, Mantis, TestLink. We perform acceptance, compatibility and regression tests.

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Technical testing 

We focus on Integration tests, checking connections and communications between software modules and/or third – party architectures related to services and microservices (REST / SOAP). We also focus on Performance & Stress, performing tests that verify and monitor systems exposed to large quantities of data and user concurrence.


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“Arbusta presented us with the challenging opportunity of doing business in an inclusive,
profitable and competitive way. And that is exactly what we have done.”
VALTECH, Software Company

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