Arbusta grew 60% in 2020 and continues expanding in 2021

By Beatriz Ponce de León

Business news - Arbusta 2021

2020 was a very special year for everybody and Arbusta was no exception.  It was a year full of great takeaways: I don’t believe anyone can question how vulnerable we all are, how rapidly everything can change and how important it is to work together and help each other.

Arbusta’s core essence is tied very closely to these values,  thus we have been well positioned to navigate the challenges we had to face this past year.

In terms of how our business fared, our balance is very positive and our results encourage us to keep on challenging ourselves. As demand for digital channels have escalated in all lines of business, demand for our IT services including data management, machine learning training, digital interactions and software testing have also increased. Today more than ever, it has become extremely important, even strategic, for our clients to ensure the quality of their digital products while looking out for the safety of their ecosystems and the smart management of their data. 

In 2020, our revenues soared by 60% compared to the previous year, reaching USD 3MM. We delivered services to 31 clients in Latin America and the USA, and worked on more than 50 projects. Our workforce grew by 24% to 310 employees taking into consideration all of our locations in Argentina, Colombia and Uruguay. In 2020, we started servicing our first customers in USA, and engaged in strategic partnerships in order to advance in that market.

Arbusta Business News

Where do we go from here?  We have fairly ambitious goals for 2021 as we prepare for a series A investment round at the end of the year.  Under the OKRs methodology, we have set the following goals

  • We plan to reach close to USD 5MM in Revenues in 2021, reflecting an increase which will be similar to last year´s growth rate.
  • We will be focusing primarily on increasing our presence in the US and in Colombia, and consolidating our positions in Argentina and Uruguay.  
  • We are also working on strengthening our team´s technical and managerial capabilities, as well as sistematizing our unique talent development model. 
  • We will work on diversifying and keeping relevant our digital services: QA&Software testing, Data management, Digital Interactions & Machine Learning Training. 

Our experience in starting operations in new countries and working with clients in different countries has been going very positive.  As a consequence, our goal is to broaden our expansion strategy starting in 2022.

In upcoming articles, we will elaborate on how we plan to achieve our expansion goals. 

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