Arbusta has grown 40% so far in 2020 and expands to the United States

Arbusta in United States - Colombia's Office

Arbusta started 2020 aiming strongly at consolidation and growth as a Latin American quality technology services company. The outbreak of the covid-19 pandemic affected the operation’s processes, forcing 100% of its staff to suddenly migrate to remote working and implementing changes in the projects´ daily management. Faced with this scenario, Arbusta’s teams proved to be highly adaptable and agile, and the company’s projected growth.

At the same time, Arbusta has been achieving its aim of positioning itself as a worldwide offshore technology services provider from its offices in Argentina, Colombia and Uruguay. After several years of exploring the American market, with the first customers contacting Arbusta through other regional companies’ recommendations’, in 2020 we launched a formal strategy of expansion towards that country.

“In order to prepare for this expansion, we made adjustments in our processes and methodologies, in billing systems, in the configuration of reports and our teams´ qualifications”, explains Juan Umaran, CBO of Arbusta. With offices in Buenos Aires, Medellín, Montevideo and Rosario, Arbusta offers several comparative advantages for  American customers. Some of these advantages include being in the same time zone, competitive costs and, above all, its unique talent recruiting and development model, which guarantees quality and agility in the delivery of all of its services.


The first companies to trust Arbusta in the United States are Valtech and G4S, for Data, QA and Software Testing, Content Publishing and CMS Management services, an experience that has enabled us to achieve team maturity and to consolidate the model.

Valtech, a technological solutions global company, chooses Arbusta for providing CMS Management and Quality Assurance services to clients such as Harry Winston and Dolby. “We hire Arbusta because the price point is right for our clients, they want people within their time zone, also It’s helpful that Arbusta’s teams are English-speaking. We can always find the right skills there. Arbusta’s teams are very attentive and detail oriented, they are not afraid to get their hands on and they are always up to the challenge,” says Aidan McDermott, Associate Operation Analyst at Valtech.

Arbusta’s teams are very attentive and detail oriented, they are not afraid to get their hands on and they are always up to the challenge”

– Aidan McDermott

G4S, on the other hand, hired Arbusta’s Data Management services. This company needed to compare and validate great volumes of data as a result of the migration to a new invoicing system in its US operations. Arbusta’s teams offered a high-quality, fast, and scalable solution for this task. G4S highlighted the fluent communication between Arbusta and its teams, the quick understanding of all the criteria, and the ability to report errors and recommend improvement opportunities.


This is Arbusta 2020

Arbusta today

In its next expansion stage to United States, Arbusta plans to continue growing at the same pace of the last three years, to consolidate its relationships with current customers, and to strengthen its commercial contacts in the US. Arbusta expects income from the US to account for over 20% of its total income in 2022.

For Juan Umaran, the key to achieve this goal is to “sustain the good results obtained with these first customers, to clearly understand their business problems, and to set up agile teams that can solve these challenges”.

Arbusta currently employs close to 300 people in Colombia, Argentina and Uruguay. The company´s model for capturing and developing young talent is one of Arbusta’s key assets in projecting its growth in new markets. Arbusta is 95% centennial and millennial talent who, before joining the company, had no formal education or experience in the digital industry. Arbusta’s talent development model allows for quickly setting up teams that are motivated and able to accept challenges and provide solutions to customers in data management, digital interactions, QA and software testing, and machine learning training.

This model offers a double benefit – on one hand, it offers a solution to the scarcity of resources in the industry, and, on the other hand, it creates a social impact, since Arbusta, as a learning and inclusion environment, becomes a turning point in the lives of youths overlooked by the market


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