Arbusta recognized as one of the Top 100 EdTech Companies in Latin America

HolonIQ 2020 LATAM EdTech - Arbusta English

The EdTech initiavtives are those that seek to solve challenges associated with the world of education through disruptive solutions of information technology

Arbusta was recently recognized by HolonIQ as one of the top 100 EdTech of Latin America. To be in these rankings, the Unit of Educational Intelligence of HolonIQ evaluated 1,500 initiatives throughout the region, and highlighted Arbuta for its contributions to the development of “skills for the world labor force”. 

Arbusta is a technology company with operations in Latin America that provides services of secure quality digital ecosystems, management of large volumes of data  and the integration of companies with their clients. Arbuta achieves this by revolutionizing the technology sector, breaking the paradigm of talent shortages, offering labor opportunities to youth, primarily women, with high barriers to entry into labor, and which the current market ignores.  In that sense, Arbusta offers its associates a dynamic work environment in technical skills and socio-emotional intelligence.

Juan Umaran, Arbuta’s, said this recognition encourages to: “Continue configuring Arbusta as a platform where learning and work coexist in harmony, solving business problems for our clients”. 


The HolonIQ raking highlights 100 latinamerican iniciatives that offer innovative EdTech solutions in: learning languages, management systems, finance, STEAM technology, programming, learning environments, among others. Each one addresses current challenges in the world of education. 

Melina Masnatta, Executive Director of Ladies in Technology, told Arbusta that the EdTech outlook in Latin America is has been enriched during recent years with “offerings that seek to address existing needs at the intersection of traditional forms of education and the necessary development for the labor force that has been re-configurated by the digital transformation”.

“Highlighted are proposals that seek to generate an ecosystem that incorporates the updates to traditional formal education and the necessary development for a global work environment which has been redesigned by digital transformation. In other words, that incorporate the best of both worlds to accelerate processes”.

– Melina Masnatta, Ladies in Technology

“At the same time, valued are the offerings that focus on the experiences of the user, that consider previous experience, its time needs and consumption, which are trends of the technology world that contribute to the education and academic world.”

For Arbusta, the key lies in offering centennials and millennials youth a timely tech learning environment that gives them their first formal working experience. At Arbusta, associates are formed and develop technical skills, use of team working tools, flexible methologies, as well as socio-emotional skills, to enhance leadership capabilitues and developmennt. 


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