Arbusta one of the 100 TOP EdTech in Latin America for the second time

EdTech initiatives are those that seek to solve challenges related to the world of education through disruptive technological solutions. The ranking highlights 100 Latin American companies that offer innovative solutions in areas like: language learning, management systems, financing, STEAM technology, programming, and learning environments.


Arbusta has been chosen for the second time by HolonIQ as one of the top 100 EdTechs in Latin America. To develop this ranking, the HolonIQ Educational Intelligence Unit evaluated approximately 2,000 companies throughout the region, and highlighted Arbusta for its contributions in the development of “skills for the world labor force“.

Arbusta is a company that provides technology services, while developing what the IT industry needs most: talent. It has operations in 4 cities in Latin America: Buenos Aires, Medellín, Montevideo and Rosario; and a team of more than 360 people. Arbusta specializes in the digital transformation processes of companies that require hybrid human-machine solutions, with regard to the quality of their data, the efficiency of their digital ecosystems and their interactions with their users.

At the same time, the company develops talent: it offers job opportunities to young people, mostly women, with high barriers to accessing employment. In this sense, Arbusta offers employees a learning environment in which they learn by working, based on the dynamic development of both technical and socio-emotional skills.

For Arbusta, the key lies in offering young centennials and millennials a tech learning environment while having their first formal work experience. At Arbusta, employees are trained in technical skills, use of collaborative work tools, agile methodologies, and also in socio-emotional skills, in order to enhance their leadership skills and development potential.