Are you a female entrepreneur? Endeavor has arrived with inspirational talks for female entrepreneurs and we are going to tell you every detail about it. Are you a female entrepreneur or want to be one? If the answer is yes, then this article has been written for you.

On May 16, all female entrepreneurs should attend Endeavor Experience Buenos Aires. For this edition, the country’s main event for entrepreneurs includes a new segment especially devoted to show women who lead their own business, in order to inspire the audience to start their own projects.

As from 5:30 pm, and during two panels, seven female entrepreneurs with different profiles will share their journey, challenges and experiences. Cecilia Retegui, of Zolvers; Paula Cardenau, of Arbusta, and Cecilia Membrado, of Renová tu Vestidor will be present. In addition, in the panel “Women who Create” by Ser, three female entrepreneurs will explain how to become your own boss and do what you love for a living. Belén Moroni, founder of Warmi Store and Warmichella; and Sol and Zulema Dignani, the sisters who founded The Dignanis, and Cecilia Presas, founder of My Pottery.

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