October began with the arrival of two technology events, Ágiles 2019 and Argentesting, an event for testing lovers and enthusiasts. Both events focused on improving our skills. Arbusta was present! We were excited and prepared to apply our knowledge, since we love testing.


The main goal of Argentesting is to grow through the community. This is the reason this space was created: to exchange knowledge and experiences, build commercial and professional relationships, and encourage a national and international encounter. 

Argentesting, apart from being an event for testing lovers and enthusiasts, is also an open community. It is held once a year and it is free. Lectures are given by leaders in the technology field and workshops allow participants to perfect or acquire new skills.

Taking into account the importance and high demand of the market, we cannot ignore the relevance of this event for the individual and collective development of our industry. We were happy to be part of such an event. 


“I was present at the mobile security training instance which offered a lot of information. We were taught how apps request access to cellphone tools for the only purpose of collecting information. We also learned how there may be flaws in a developer’s code and this may allow malicious people to steal information; it depends on the tester’s strategy whether such security flaws are detected by conducting specific tests.   

One of the lectures I loved was the one about accessibility. I had some information due to the Accessibility Act which has been recently passed. It is astonishing how the technology world is not designed for being accessible to everyone; it is a non inclusive world. People with special needs need to be able to use all tools, not just a limited group. It is important to raise awareness of this side of technology. The tester also has the power to ‘make those tools as accessible as possible so that users can have a pleasant experience’.” 

-— Diana Robles

“In Argentesting, I learned about mobile app security at a lecture given by Enrique Dutra. I also participated in a very interesting accessibility workshop, where I learned there is an Act that protects people with special needs, and that fines would be imposed on those webpages which fail to comply with this Act. 

I recommend Argentesting since a lot of information is made available. Nadia Cavallieri was over every detail of the event. Besides, there are many sponsors which support this event.”

Karen Fernández


“Lectures were really interesting and varied; topics such as automation, accessibility and user experience, scope and limitations, were addressed. It was highly rewarding to hear experts on these matters and their experiences. I recommend this to everyone who is in this field.”

Micaela Pesado

“During the first day of the event I had the opportunity to attend the course ‘Be agile, make others agile’ where we were challenged on concepts such as collaboration, improvement, dedication and reflection. I realized that my knowledge in testing is quite basic, and that I still have a lot to learn. I recommend this event, mostly for beginners, since lectures and workshops are very useful.”

Brenda Brundy


If you are interested, intrigued or want to practice your skills, do not hesitate to take part in the next technology events, where you might build a new network of friends or make key contacts. And who knows, maybe we meet there.


testing - Argentesting for lovers - Arbusta

Arbusta Testing Team at Argentesting

testing - Argentesting for lovers - Arbusta

Arbusta at Argentesting 2019

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