Over time, technology has undergone countless transformations when it comes to talking about the customer care environment. Artificial Intelligence to provide technological services are the result of the revolution we are living.

As a result, the so-called chatbots (conversational bots) emerged, which are artificial intelligence systems that can maintain a conversation with a person using natural language.


These bots, in turn, require programming and learning for proper operation. In other words, a human has to “fill” it with knowledge so that it can be as precise as possible. This is called interaction service.

These intelligence systems are like virtual agents capable of interacting with humans, which include more complex answers according to the possibilities of each platform with which it is integrated.


Bots can answer a wide variety of questions, and so a new user experience can be delivered. However, for a good experience to be generated, the bot requires a personality. This is where the concept of machine learning comes in: the machine learns and feeds on data given to it by the human. That is to say, the information will be provided by the person who “educates” the bot.


Within this framework, Arbusta in alliance with AIVO (Artificial Intelligence for technological services) presents a new service of omnicanal digital attention to be able to simultaneously attend thousands of user interactions. It works through Artificial Intelligence + automation + Arbusta operators, based on a dynamic and efficient business model.


Arbusta along its course in the technological industry has been incorporating more services based on Artificial Intelligence. We know that it is essential for companies to improve certain areas of their services.

Thank you very much for read more about artificial intelligence to provide technological services is real. We hope to see you in our next post

Artificial Intelligence to Provide Technological Services – Arbusta – Betiana Tetti / Gimena Espinoza