Comfama and Arbusta, the talent of connecting candidates to companies

Comfama + Arbusta

The Arbusta teams allocated to Digital Interactions services in Medellín

These days no one can deny the importance of happiness at the workplace. But it’s also true that not everyone is so lucky. 

Indeed, according to research carried out by Gallup in 143 countries worldwide, a mere 13% of employees are committed to their companies.

Colombia is no exception, and, according to a report carried out by the labor relationships laboratory of the Universidad del Rosario, 3 out of 10 people are dissatisfied with their position. For the purpose of transforming this scenario, the Employment Department of Comfama, an indemnity fund for the purpose of the consolidation of the Antioquia middle class, has worked since 2015 at enabling the meeting between candidates and companies and creating a real life-purpose connection between them.

Although the projects carried out by this department (led by a team of psychologists) yielded good results, at a certain point the number of requests received required looking for external support, for the purpose of taking care and prioritizing the candidates’ experience.

“We have a very wide scope: we cater to the whole Antioquia region, reaching municipalities and the metropolitan area. This led us to seek an ally who could enable us to manage a greater volume of quality interactions with the candidates,” explains Alejandra Londoño, Comfama’s Talent Connection Officer. 

“That’s how we decided to hire Arbusta. Thanks to their support, we found the key to a better management of the experience we offer people and to making it even more meaningful. Since we began working with Arbusta, we can focus on, deepen and widen our capacity for accompanying people in their search for a job that connects with their life purpose,” adds

Since we began working with Arbusta, we can focus on, deepen and widen our capacity for accompanying people in their search for a job that connects with their life purpose.

Arbusta, which has been present in Medellín since 2016, has applied all its expertise to supporting companies in their digital transformation, so that Comfama too could improve its metrics, connecting a greater number of people to the most appropriate jobs according to their profile and faster. 

“We’ve had very good results, because people return our messages,” explains Bryan Correa, Arbusta analyst at Medellín, Colombia, adding: “I’m certainly proud to work for Comfama, because we’re transforming not just one person’s life, but that of a whole family.”


The crisis unleashed by Covid-19 has affected all the areas of our lives, and the labor market has naturally been affected too. In a context in which the talent areas in demand and the skills necessary for finding a job have changed overnight, Comfama has also had to adapt to this new scenario against the clock.

“In the midst of the pandemic, for example, we got seven thousand résumés for a shopper position in just one week,” says Londoño. “We didn’t have the capability to give feedback to all those people, so we again turned to Arbusta for help updating candidates’ data and guiding them into future opportunities.” 

But, while the pandemic highlighted the importance of the so-called essential jobs, it also accelerated the long-awaited fourth industrial revolution. “This digital transformation we are undergoing will have an impact on searches: until now, a candidate was valuable for his or her qualifications and experience – from now on, he or she will be so for his or her capability. We will start connecting people through challenging their knowledge,” Londoño reflects.

In this context, and in order to mitigate the impact of social emergency in Colombia, Comfama is preparing the short-term launch of new programs and strategies. For example, “Mentoring Against Unemployment”, the first national-scope project for supporting the labor reconversion of those left jobless by the health crisis. 

Once again, Arbusta will support the monitoring of the experience of the unemployed, thus continuing to drive positive figures – because, since Comfama turned to Arbusta for help, 255 vacancies have been managed, 2866 new positions have been allocated, and management time for a résumé decreased from 5 to 3 days

“Working with Arbusta, we have observed an impact that goes beyond the merely transactional, and we find in them a true ally as regards social commitment as well,” Londoño sums up. In fraught times such as the current ones, the work of Comfama and Arbusta shows that there are innovative solutions that can be applied starting today to answer the challenges of tomorrow’s labor market. 


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