In a world facing inequality and climate change, more companies include in their production and business models the goal of being inclusive and sustainable.

The entrepreneurial world of Ibero-America is undergoing a deep transformation as it fights against inequality of opportunities.

For instance, in Argentina, the technology company Arbusta seeks talent in the less fortunate neighborhoods of Latin America, where multinational corporations are not present at all, engaging youngsters in providing services to important companies such as Disney and Mercado Libre.

Another example is EcoAlf in Spain, which has earned a spot in the market by manufacturing clothes with recycled products, especially plastic, at a time when the fashion industry appears as the second most contaminant industry, after the oil industry. 

There are many other similar cases in our region, all of which have something in common: the growing role of companies which although forming part of the market, incorporate into their production and business models the goal of being inclusive and sustainable.

These undertakings have varied names such as B corporations, social organizations, circular economy companies, companies with a purpose or triple impact companies, or cooperatives, mutual benefit companies, employee-owned companies, fair trade companies or ethical banks.


Climate change is, in accordance with our survey, Ibero-Americans’ main concern (68 %) after inequality (75 %). Furthermore, citizens admit to be co-responsible for environmental degradation (50 %), besides pointing out at companies (32 %) and governments (18 %).

That is, we have a unique opportunity to work together so that the generations to come live better than their parents, since it is clear that we are all part of the solution. Ibero-Americans admit that they must modify their behavior, apart from requesting the private sector to adopt a fair and sustainable model and governments to support this change.

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