Developing and boosting talent by making an impact is one of Arbusta’s missions. We are going to tell you about the beginnings of Arbusta and how Arbusta fights the gender gap. Arbusta was born in April 2013, from a meeting of entrepreneurs who combined social work, technology work and innovation. Arbusta provides software, data and digital interactions quality assurance services to large and medium-sized companies and governments undergoing a digital transformation process. 

With a team of 303 people, it has offices in Buenos Aires, Medellin and Montevideo. 95 % of its workforce is comprised of millennials and centennials, who come from fragile socio-economic contexts in Argentina, Colombia and Uruguay.    

At Arbusta we develop millennial talent and prepare ourselves for the future. Our team is our most powerful and differential asset to understand and satisfy the needs of our clients. We believe work is a space that enables us to discover and develop our talents, find our own power and increase liberty and autonomy”, explains Paula Cardenau, co-founder and director of Arbusta.


Arbusta offers flexible jobs, which have an aggregate value and can be carried out without going to an office. In several cases, it is the first job for youngsters with no formal education or previous experience and a turning point in the professional future of youngsters with high potential who are not taken into account by the current job market. 

Certain of the positive impact which companies may provoke in the community, Cardenau invites others to move in the same direction. “I think the Arbusta model can be replicated in any industry. We have to gather the courage to seek talent and identify its potentialities in places currently overlooked by the formal market. From Arbusta, we can furnish evidence of the undisputable talent, commitment and innovation capacity which youngsters from low-income neighborhoods have; paradoxically, these youngsters face utterly high barriers in the job market, due to prejudice and ignorance”, says Cardenau.


Another objective of Arbusta is to tear down invisible barriers for a larger female presence in the IT industry and developing talent. “67 % of youngsters, of whom it is wrongfully said that “they do not work or study”, are young mothers who take care of their families. In the IT industry, the number of women who enroll in related careers is very low in comparison with the number of men (15 % versus 85 %) and the gender gap is getting wider and wider”, she explains.

To help reduce this difference, 57 % of Arbusta’s team are women and Arbusta intends to increase this percentage. To encourage more women to become interested in working in the company, communication actions are specifically targeted to the female audience when recruiting.  

“Once they start working, we do not make differences between women and men. We do see with hopeful eyes that many women who join Arbusta just because it is a job opportunity within a few months start to think of them as professionals in the technology industry.”  

As regards challenges and goals, in 2019, the company aims at improving the consolidation of processes so that quality is maintained at expansion times, both as regards services and talent management and development.

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