How to boost your e-commerce site? 

By Esteban Casis, Business Technology Lead.

Did you know that 58% of users are willing to abandon an e-commerce site if they don’t have a good experience? Abandoned carts, poor user experience, and mistrust may be affecting your site’s sales conversions. So, what are the key points that e-commerce sites must take into account to improve or protect their service?



One step at a time: it is nothing new that all sites, and especially e-commerce sites, must be focused on the user. 58% of users stop buying from an e-commerce site if their experience was bad. Therefore, ensuring a good experience for consumers will not only attract new customers but also help keep repeat customers, who typically spend up to 3 times more on average, on the site. 

Globally, 90% of consumers believe that customer service is very important in choosing a brand. For that reason, all processes, such as pre-sale and post-sale support, must provide personalized attention to users in their different stages: registrations, cancellations and inquiries, in order to ensure a reliable and satisfactory experience. 

Arbusta teams work precisely on ensuring that the entire user experience is fast and effective, optimizing processes and facilitating customer validation, thanks to our Digital Service Desk subservice. In addition, we can moderate the interactions of the users of the sites and respond to their inquiries. 

Also, to ensure a point of contact with the client, we take care of the implementation of chatbots and virtual assistants: we generate natural responses to certain intentions, questions and dialogues related to the digital solutions for each client.


Furthermore, when choosing products or services, online sales sites should serve as a kind of map for users, where everything is within reach, in an organized and simple way. In order to achieve this, a product cataloging process must be carried out. 

Investing in the cataloging of these products helps to improve the user experience, improving the length-of-stay rates on the site, which, increases the chances of a successful sale. This means not only having the categories organized into a complete menu, but also ensuring that consumers find the product they are looking for by entering a search word or phrase. Our Data Services teams can help you improve your catalog, to ensure that the information and description of products or services are categorized, displayed and, in some cases, loaded correctly, helping digital platforms to provide a better user experience, and in turn, helping to increase their sales conversion rate. 

In addition, through our Content Publishing subservice, we help reduce the operational burden on internal customer teams, so they can focus on their business strategy. We publish and design content on CMS, landing pages or other platforms, as well as on social networks (Community Management). We work with WordPress, EPIServer and the platforms of each client.


The cart abandonment rate in the first quarter of 2021 was 59%, a figure which e-commerce sites pay special attention to.  Although, by improving the user experience we can help improve sales conversion rates, for different reasons a user may leave their cart without completing the purchase. And how to recover them? A good strategy is through email marketing: 13% of Sales are realized as a result of abandoned cart recovery emails

To recover abandoned carts and follow up with end users, at Arbusta we take care of generating a strategy and planning for the automated sending of emails based on events, providing them with systematized and valuable information. The open rate for these recovery emails stands at 41%, so if you are not taking advantage of this opportunity, it is time to take that step. 


 Furthermore, we also know that the success rate for purchases ends up coming down to consumer confidence in the site, that is, that both the environment and the transactions are safe. For this reason, the third, but no less important point, is to work on an adequate validation of identities and mechanisms -automated and with human intervention- to prevent fraud and comply with the security regulations of each marketplace. 

At Arbusta, we accompany users throughout the onboarding process: we help them complete the registration process, validating the completeness and veracity of the documents and data required to operate on our clients’ platforms. And also, we offer support (information validation and updating of guidelines) in KYC (Know your customer) and other regulatory compliance processes.

If you want us to help you improve and boost your performance on some or all of these points, or you still have questions, you can contact us at [email protected].