The day arrived, and finally, after all the preparations we launched our first Hackathon Arbusta. We tell you all the details of this great and successful day. What was the purpose? What challenge did we work on? Who helped us to make this day go as planned? We couldn’t stay without showing you all the behind the scenes:


And that is how everything that begins with an idea, continues with a process. At the end of last year was born the idea to plan and live our own hackathon. It would aim to solve internal problems of the company. From the beginning of 2019 and with the ideal conditions, and a consolidated dream team, the proposed date and the energy of the beginning, we began to plan the Hackathon Arbusta.

Unlike other companies, the members who made the Arbusta Hackathon possible didn’t have much experience organizing one. For this reason, predisposition and mutual support were key to taking small, but constant steps. In the process, none of the members neglected their projects in Arbusta and yet, as a team, we achieved what we saw from afar.

The tasks carried out for a hackathon are technical, creative, administrative, financial, among others; reason why each one had important and complementary responsibilities that allowed that day we arrive well prepared.


The site chosen for our first hackathon Arbusta was the office of Arbusta Rosario. Our theme to work on during the day was: build a global vision and improve work teams. In order to do this, we had to create a cultural or technological solution that would improve the integration between the offices in Buenos Aires, Rosario, Medellín and Montevideo.

The teams worked intensely in a day that began at 09:00 hs on Saturday May 18. During the day we had talks that taught us how to work to achieve a minimum and viable product, such as Design Thinking, From Idea to Action and Elevator Speach Techniques. The person in charge of this knowledge was Lucila Sarquis (@Mlucil), who also coordinated the times of the day, mentored and encouraged each of the teams of the hackathon, and finally was part of the jury.

In the process there were also internal mentors assigned to a specific area. Melina Nogueira (Dir. of Technology) gave support in her area of expertise, Natalia Ermini supported in Human Capital, Jorgelina Martinez Torales and Sofia Alderete focused on training and development, Diego Bollini in platforms and Pablo Pistarelli in Administration.

In addition a great team of facilitators who were responsible for managing the needs of each team: Jonathan Wildemer, Katherine Leiva, Angel Rojas, Jorgelina Martinez Torales, Sofia Alderete and Natalia Ermini.

The star jury was made up of Juan Umaran (CEO of Arbusta), Lucila Sarquis (Innovation and support for entrepreneurs), Diego Mascietti (Globant) and Carolina Angelomé (NeuralSoft).


Two things are pending in our agenda.

The first has to do with the winning proposal. Although each project was highly valued and exceeded expectations, only one could be chosen. In addition to a physical prize, the winner is given the chance to put his idea into practice, accompanied by Arbusta and ArbustaLab, and in this way solve or improve the proposed problem.

The second has to do with the next hackathons in the company. Yes, there will be more hackathons! The instance in Rosario was the beginning of our global vision. Since the next hackathons will be in the other offices belonging to Buenos Aires, Medellín and Montevideo. Each hackathon with different marathon proposals, but with a common denominator that is “the integration of all offices”.

Many thanks to all participants, facilitators, mentors and jurors for making our first hackathon a reality! We’ll see you in the next few instances.

Thank you so much Carolina de la Cruz for reviewing the drafts of this entry.

By Katherine Leiva.