Labor Inclusion, specially for youngsters, is now a priority for most companies. What is Arbusta? How does it make this process possible? 

Young women, with low income, mothers, or housewives or househusbands, are Arbusta’s hiring priority. Arbusta is the company that accompanies the digital transformation process of top companies, such as Mercado Libre, Disney, Valtech, providing data management and digital interaction services, web/mobile apps software testing and machine learning, implementing mixed algorithms between human beings and bots, as well as carrying out initial front-end development, among other services.

“Our mission is to discover the barriers faced by an individual when looking for a job and help him or her overcome these barriers”, says Virginia Carena, head of Human Capital of the company, which already has 300 employees in Argentina, Colombia and Uruguay. 

90 % of its employees are centennials, youngsters with low-income socio-economic backgrounds, between the ages of 18 and 28, who have not necessarily completed high school, do not have tertiary and/or university education, nor previous experience in formal jobs, or theoretical-practical knowledge about the IT industry and its services. They are offered continuous development and adaptability to their learning speed, starting with virtual training and then in-person training while their progress is assessed in a continuous and empathic manner. From that moment on, other training stages are available.    

We form teams of youngsters who have the advanced knowledge required by the project and those who have recently joined the company, accompanied by pedagogical support. “During this period, they are guided by tutors, who already have experience in projects, and develop skills to train others”, explains Carena.     

Working in Arbusta is the first formal work experience for these youngsters who “are observed from their potential and guided in those situations which may hold up their personal development. This is the way to generate equality regarding access and to strengthen natural rights, which they actually did not fully exercise, such as completing their studies, home improvement, comprehensive development, participation, access to information and freedom of speech, among others”, says Carena.     

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