As Melina Nogueira from Arbusta explains: “Talent is everywhere, you have to discover it, boost it, guide it and put it to work in the organization.”

Arbusta procures to close the enormous gap between the supply and demand of IT resources by empowering youngsters from low-income contexts so that they can provide the services demanded by large companies. A regional initiative with a sustainability stamp on it.

Servification is a phenomenon that has progressively grown in the market since companies needed to focus mainly on their core business in order to be more competitive, and since complexity and specialization have become the most relevant aspects of many processes. This core has suffered fragmentation, fission and micro-segmentation, fostering the appearance of new players who formed an ecosystem of services where organizations could outsource (even when part of the core business) services which were not profitable or could not be efficiently executed in house.

Evidently, this phenomenon also occurs in the software development universe. Arbusta broke into that ecosystem, pursuing a business goal and a social goal. It was organized as a company in 2013 in Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina. It built up inside Njambre and expanded to Buenos Aires and Medellin in 2015.

On February of this year, it arrived at Montevideo to provide data quality assurance (as a supply to business intelligence and analytical systems) and software testing services, among other services.


Melina Nogueira, Technology Director of Arbusta, explains that “there is an unsatisfied strong need for digital talent.” Today, my two-year old son would have a full-time job if he was in the web development business, for example. But there are also socio-economic indicators in Latin America related to people who are not working or studying. 

In 2013, at the startup of Arbusta, 20 million youngsters in Latin America were not part of the educational system nor working in a formal manner due to the lack of real opportunities that would allow them to deploy all their potential.Thank you, IT SITIO, for the article. Read more by clicking here.

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