By Katherine Leiva.

MIEL arrived, it was launched and allied with Facebook in order to provide powerful tools for this social network. The event was conducted by Njambre and took place at one of the beautiful floors of WeWork in Torre Bellini, located at Esmeralda 950. This was the place chosen to host the event with the presence of amateurs, entrepreneurs and businesspersons from different industries. 

Like we did with our first hackathon, we are now going to tell you and show you all about MIEL, so please keep reading.

Are you an entrepreneur? Would you like to be one? Do you care about the environment and the community? Congratulations, you are just in the right place! Being an entrepreneur in the social, environmental or technology fields can be a great journey and have a huge impact when done with passion and with a mission. 


MIEL is an impact incubation program which seeks to accompany entrepreneurial teams carrying out social and environmental business in the community, interested in professionalizing their undertaking by developing leadership and talent in order to provoke a deep transformation. 


In this edition, MIEL will take place in the provinces of Buenos Aires, Córdoba and Mendoza. 

Facebook is part of MIEL’s drive, and together they will strengthen social and environmental undertakings in our country in order to consolidate the economic competitiveness and the community.


Visit MIEL’s website by clicking right here and apply by clicking here. We also share with you the terms and conditions here.

Below there are some pictures of MIEL’s launching and its alliance with Facebook. Thank you for reading us. See you on our next adventure!

MIEL: Launching and Alliance with Facebook - Arbusta

Our arrival at Torre Bellini

MIEL Njambre - 12 Floor Bellini Tower - Arbusta - Katherine Leiva

Njambre Launching

Hall Torre Bellini Njambre MIEL - Arbusta - Katherine Leiva

WeWork Facilities

En Buenas Manos - Arbusta - Katherine Leiva - MIEL

En Buenas Manos

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