We believe in Testing as an integration tool. The expected thing would be that here we talk about technology, testing, test cases, software development and conspiracy theories that state that in 50 years we will be postmodern sentimental cyborgs and anarchists, according to a study by the University of Michigan… But no, we want to talk about integration in the IT workplaces.

Technology, so inclusive and excluding at the same time. An area where not everyone has access, but those who access “are part” of a virtual world that already has a life of its own. Now, the challenge is to integrate those who were left out, but to do so as builders not just simple users. I am talking about integrating them as active members of the community that decides and defines the path we are taking.


Within the micro world of IT, there are many professions. Those of infra, developers, engineers, architects, analysts, and among many others, testers.

And if we talk about Testing, we can say that it consists of investigating in depth different aspects of a software development, among other definitions. It is to evaluate, to control the quality of a series of processes and results of a person qualified in his role. When we understand the concept of evaluation as a process with a lot of responsibility to be able to question a result, to be able to say that something is wrong, we must be very sure that our process has no flaws. And this action supposes an act of confidence in oneself, an empowerment.

To enter the IT world, so sectarian and selective, one learns by working, and that premise moves us. In Arbusta we believe that this is possible, we question what is established and we trust in a continuous learning process, which finds its results when our Analysts begin to develop activities related to software testing and begin to increase their confidence and solidity in their knowledge.


People with whom we work and share day by day, teach us -from the traditional IT world-, that there is another way of working in the Systems. That competitive world where the results prevail over the work of each one of us. A methodology of constant teamwork, learning from mistakes, acceptance of these errors to conclude in a joint solution. And mainly, the search for results as a whole. We look for a joint metric, where the team builds with each of its parts, the way to achieve this goal. The development of a person consists of increasing the degrees of freedom that this person has, giving him the tools to grow, to choose which path to take.

We, from our role with experience, offer accompaniment and trust, and we look for our Analysts to have a clear, measurable and attainable objective, and we reach the tools to achieve it. And that it is built in the collective, in the heart of the team. In conclusion, testing as an integration tool is a good model for us.

To integrate is to build with others. More than 370 people have been with us for 5 years now, and we continue to grow and commit to our idea of learning by working.

In Arbusta we trust in this model and what testing represents for society as an integration tool.

Thank you very much for reading us. See you in our next post.

By Bruno Di Vincenzo