Arbusta Uruguay surpassed its first year of operations and go for more

By Beatriz Ponce de León

Montevideo, Uruguay - Arbusta

Part of our team at the Arbusta Montevideo office

The first anniversary of Arbusta Uruguay found us immersed in the global challenges caused by COVID-19´s pandemic; caring for our teams,  continuing to add value and provide quality services to our customers.  More than ever before, we found ourselves being protagonists of the digital revolution through our main strength: identifying and developing young talent for the technology industry.

Despite the difficult times we are all facing, we did not want to miss out on the opportunity to “celebrate” this first anniversary, remember these first steps full of shared learning experiences, and thank all who trusted us and our team´s talent. 

Arbusta Uruguay was born in February 2019, following the same spirit as Arbusta´s operations in Argentina and Colombia: offering top quality  digital services while providing employment opportunities to youngsters  that the market ignores. 

We started with 10 part-time collaborators at a Montevideo cowork working on  a Digital Interactions project with the support of the Buenos Aires team. Soon after Erika Santos, our first Project Manager and key member of the team, joined, and in early April I joined as Country Manager.


Montevideo Oficina - Arbusta

Our offices in Montevideo, Uruguay

When the operation began to consolidate, we settled in our beloved offices in downtown Montevideo (and how we miss them now!). Today we are almost 50 employees fulfilling Operations, Administration & Finance, and Human Capital functions. We have 6 clients and 8 projects: three in QA & Software Testing, three in Data Services and two in Digital Interactions.  

In one year we managed to quintuple our size, consolidate ourselves as a team and evolve in our working methodologies and ways of organizing ourselves. Always seeking innovation and agility when responding to the industry´s and our customers´ needs.  At the beginning of 2020 we obtained the  ISO 9001 standard certification for our quality processes. This consolidation came hand in hand with a very significant personal and professional growth of the entire team, which makes us feel proud.

Along this path, we met and established enriching alliances with CUTI (Uruguayan Chamber of Information Technologies), Antel, CEDU (Uruguayan Chamber of the Digital Economy), the “Youths into Programming” Plan Ceibal team, Mercado Libre in UY, Uruguay XXI, LATU, and many other organizations, clients, suppliers and teams that work closely with us on a daily basis. 


In these difficult and disruptive times that we all live, we have faced significant challenges. In an agile way, we had to migrate 100% of our operation to work remotely as of March 16.  In addition, we had to get creative and innovate in many processes, such as conducting our latest hiring and orientation process all virtually.

I am convinced that our agile and flexible way of working has allowed us to overcome various obstacles, learning and strengthening ourselves along the way. Our Emotional Intelligence Program, which began with workshops during 2019, has also become an ally to go through these circumstances and today we maintain it with open virtual meetings twice a week.  This allows Montevideo´s employees to weave support networks with colleagues from Medellín, Buenos Aires and Rosario, taking on more than ever the dimension of Arbusta as a community.  


Our value lies more than ever in the quality of the services we provide to our clients, and in our ability to identify and develop talent generally ignored by the market: young people without formal technical training who live in fragile socio-economic contexts. Arbusta gives these young people their first work experience in the technology industry and allows them to develop their potential as individuals and professionals. In addition, we promote the participation of women in the industry. At Arbusta, almost 60% are women and we therefore contribute in this way to reduce the gender gap in the sector. 

What has this first year at Arbusta meant to me? Huge personal and professional growth. I am grateful to the entire Arbusta team in general, and to Uruguay´s in particular. In addition, I feel immense pride. Pride of being part of this great team of 300 people and of everything that with achievements and shortcomings, we are accomplishing. In this difficult context, Arbusta is an example that there is a future and we love being its protagonists. 

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