Thinking of the year 2030: SMEs in charge of attaining the goals. World leaders must answer to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Cronista

Arbusta collaborates with these goals, by generating a first job opportunity to youngsters in the IT sector who otherwise would not have the possibility to develop. In addition, Arbusta contributes to the tenth goal referred to Reduced Inequalities.

Arbusta works as an organization that democratizes opportunities. We provide first jobs to youngsters with no training or previous formal experience who face great barriers to enter the formal job market. Working at Arbusta means, apart from receiving an income for them and their families, undergoing a quite significant process to develop their talents, which shortens and democratizes insertion in the job market” explains Paula Cardenau, co-founder and Director of this company.

Arbusta provides data, software and interactions quality assurance services to companies undergoing digital transformation process, and to software factories. 


The fifth goal is present along almost the entire work carried out by the company. Nowadays, 67 % of youngsters, of which it is wrongfully said “they do not work or study”, are young mothers who take care of their families. That is where Arbusta puts its focus on.    

Knowing the meaning of these goals is implicit in the essence of Arbusta.

Our major asset is our team, mostly comprised of young millennials. We would not be the company we are, with a challenge to grow, innovate our services and processes, without their strength, ideas and commitment”, states Cardenau   

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