TOGETHER W/ + ARBUSTA: A Full Service Solution

Together W and Arbusta

We are proud to announce our partnership with agency Together w/, which will helps us position ourselves as a global offshore technology services provider from our offices in Argentina, Colombia and Uruguay, with special focus on the US market.

Arbusta will help Together W/ – a one stop shop for nearshore creative work and digital production in the United States- to expand its service offering to include:

QA & Software Testing

  • Functional Testing
  • Mobile Testing
  • Automation Testing

Data Services

  • Data Management 
  • Data QA
  • Data Analytics & Visualization

Machine Learning Training

  • Chatbots
  • Virtual Assistant Training
  • Sentiment Analysis Training

“By combining our service offering with Arbusta, Together w/ can offer near shore clients a broad spectrum of solutions that really help them save money while maintaining high standards of quality” states Together w/ CEO Santiago Puiggari. “It is a robust solution for clients that solves many problems and consolidates workflow” he adds.

“It was a natural fit and organic extension for us to work with Together w/“ adds Juan Umaran, Co-founder and CBO of Arbusta.  “So many projects today blur the line between digital and creative services that clients are relieved to have a single point of contact while retaining subject matter experts that deliver best in class services.” he continues.

Arbusta has delivered stellar solutions for Disney,  Fox Sports, Aerolineas and Navent to name a few.  “Clients trust us to deliver on time and in budget, even with today’s challenges, “states Beatriz Ponce de León, Arbusta Director of U.S. Client Services. “Over the last 7 years we have perfected a decentralized system of remote working that has allowed us to continue delivering without a single interruption for all our clients”, she adds.

“In the current landscape, I thought we would see a slow down but it’s been just the opposite”, says Doug Livingston, Together W/ Partner for North America and Canada. “Clients are rapidly adjusting to a new environment, beefing up their digital and e-comm capabilities and leaning heavily into AI and Chatbots. This requires not only technical know-how but a strong layer of creative interpretation that accelerates results.  With this new partnership, we now offer an end-to-end solution at significant savings.”

For more information or a free evaluation, contact Doug Livingston, Partner North America & Canada 917.287.7107, [email protected]


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