Why participate in Argentesting? Since 2017 in Arbusta we understand that participating in the Argentine Congress of Testing, allows us to professionally develop our testers; therefore, add value to the services we provide.


  • Revalidate with our colleagues the tasks we perform on a daily basis.
  • Discover possible new services.
  • Know the latest developments, tools available on the market and best practices applied by testing experts.
  • To take knowledge of the new technologies used, in order to be able to investigate in depth and keep us current in the provision of our services.

The mentioned values and, mainly, the possibility of sharing a space with specialists of the sector, who selflessly offer their knowledge and experiences, are the reasons that lead us to choose our participation in Argentesting.

In 2017, more than 30 Arbusters participated in Argentesting with incredible results. New ideas of methodologies were worked, the commitment of the young people grew, who were able to discover their place in the testing world and reinforce the importance of our task. On the other hand, our clients benefited from the application of the acquired knowledge in the daily tasks and in the presentation of alternatives or suggestions. Each of the participants understood that constant training and research are part of our development; and that sharing that knowledge is what gives our work the greatest value.

We are sure that Argentesting opens the doors to knowledge, that is why our participation is a commitment to continuous improvement, and is the expression of our commitment to increase the quality of services offered to our customers.

Here are some more reasons why you should take part in Argentesting with our testers:


Last year was the first time I participated in Argentesting thanks to Arbusta, at that time I was a tester and today I am a leader of testing projects. It was a great experience to learn new methodologies and share experience with other colleagues.

All of us who participated in the event came back with new ideas to implement in the day to day of our projects and understood that training, research and sharing is the key to nurture knowledge in the world of technology that changes every second.


I admit that I didn’t know about Argentesting until I was offered the opportunity to go to it. I highlight two great things about my participation in the event.

First, it is the knowledge acquired from each talk or workshop. Not only did they allow me to have a new vision of some of the tasks that were performed daily in the projects, but they also allow me to have a general overview of the things that are being done today, and that we don’t know because we are not working on them. For example: Computer Security Tests. It also shows us everything that is coming in the future (not too distant) in terms of testing.

The second, but no less important. These are the talks that are generated with colleagues from other companies. They were conversations rich in information. In these, one learns from different work methodologies that are applied in other places; even different solutions taken to resolve conflicts similar to those one has.

These are the reasons why you should participate in Argentesting.

Thanks for reading. See you at our next entrance.

By Carolina Angelomé