Arbusta attended the XII edition of pure agility conferences, “Ágiles 2019 Latinoamérica”

Agile methodologies are becoming essential. The sector or industry to which they are applied and whether if used for business, operational or simply personal purposes no longer matters. What does matter is that if your priority is to maximize results, by seizing the day with an organized and responsible control, then AGILE IS THE ANSWER.  

A creative way of learning, whether if you have experience or not, about these methodologies is by collective encounters. Wherever you are, you will be able to optimize tasks by applying at least one agile methodology. Are you going to take advantage of this? 


Ágiles 2019 Latinoamérica, was an encounter where experts in the field offered lectures. Lectures disclosed new trends and tools implemented in the agile methodologies world. The purpose was to share experiences and news while disclosing a method to apply these methodologies in the IT world and other fields such as education, business or even your own home.


We learned about different agile methodologies being currently used, their positive impact, which one adapts best to the context and how to apply and implement them. Furthermore, we picked up tools useful for communication and daily work. 


After several lectures, rich in experiences and knowledge, we reached the following conclusion. The most accurate way of knowing which methodology best adapts to our field is by applying different methodologies and controlling the progress and results obtained with each one. After all, TO KNOW IS TO DO and this implies applying something, making mistakes and trying again until you achieve your goal.

We share with you some shots of the lectures.

Arbusta in Ágiles 2019 Latinoamérica

Arbusta Rosario – Ágiles 2019

Arbusta in Ágiles 2019 Latinoamérica

Photograph by Pablo Araoz

Arbusta in Ágiles 2019 Latinoamérica

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By Katherine Leiva and Alejandro Masmut

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