On Thursday May 9, one of Moien Lab’s workshops took place at Arbusta, aimed at training and boosting our testers. Next, we share with you what we learned and the personal opinion of one of our arbusters, Ana Paula Ruiz.


Training lasted four hours and had a total of twenty attendees. Moien Lab’s workshop trained us on TDD (test-driven development), BDD (behavior-driven development) and Jira, a management tool. It was a complete success!


It was a rich experience which provided us with a lot of material to help make progress with Arbusta’s projects. 

There follows Ana Paula’s statement, who attended the workshop:

Once Moien Lab’s Workshop at Arbusta had ended, the professor said something that caught my attention: It is impossible to know everything about systems, but it is not impossible to continue learning. I think he is absolutely right. Before this workshop, I thought test automation was impossible for me; however, thanks to a simple example of conducting automated tests with a bowling game, I realized it was not. Now I am interested on the subject and searching more about it through my own means. This is a great workshop for those interested in continue learning.”

In Arbusta we shall continue investing in arbusters’ intellectual development and talent. Thank you so much Moien Lab and Juan Monetti, training instructor, for your willingness. We share with you some shots of the workshop!

New challenges arise at every stage, thus we never stop learning. Thank you for reading our article; we will definitely carry on towards our goal of becoming more professional. See you at our next publication!

By Katherine Leiva.

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