Smart City Expo Buenos Aires brought us reality and technology news.

Arbusta was present at the second edition of the most important world event regarding smart cities. That is, Smart City Expo Buenos Aires, which took place at the Buenos Aires Conventions Center. We had the privilege of getting to know upcoming technologies, and those which are already a reality.

As we usually do, we are going to share with you all the details about this long-awaited event. If you are a technology fan, you will definitely enjoy clicking on these entries to learn more about our experiences in technology, entrepreneurship and social and environmental impact events. You do not want to miss it!


Smart City Expo Buenos Aires is directly connected with the process of digital transformation that has already begun in so many spheres of our daily life. At the same time, it moves and expands to our urban environment. It is about establishing a concept which nowadays is already a reality: smart cities.    

We can state that this concept is an option or proposal for the future, however it actually represents a great current need; especially in large urban areas.

Smart City is a mixture of fields which make up the concept itself. It means technology and science applied to the environment, education, mobility and traffic, government, security, health and industry. All of these technologies interact in a shared field. It is about IoT, Blockchain, Cloud, robotics, electronics, machine learning, VR, AV, among others, which are now not only important, but essential for our progress as a community.


We shall continue reinforcing the construction and growth of our creative intelligence, social intelligence and common sense, which will become crucial in order to start and continue with any project related to the technology industry.   

We share with you part of our experience in the event:

By Katherine Leiva.

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