RPA: Process automation for our Data Management services

As part of our Data Management Services offering, we have capabilities in robotic process automation (RPA), with a team that is dedicated to reviewing automation opportunities and creating potential solutions for each project. 

Process automation serves to reduce costs and increase the efficiency of certain manual tasks, thus speeding up execution times and eliminating possible errors. RPA can be applied to any process that has a large volume of data, and that is repetitive and routine. RPA allows clients to replicate the actions of a human being by interacting with the computer system’s user interface.

RPA brings value to organizations that face challenges in managing large volumes of data. Although this technology is not new to the industry, many companies in the midst  of a digital transformation are still not aware of its full potential and the benefits it can provide for their processes related to human resources, customer service, accounting management, and data publishing, as well as many others. 

At Arbusta, we have a team that is dedicated to analyzing automation opportunities and recommending solutions for each project.  Under the   (HITL) paradigm, which proposes putting human intervention at the center of digital services, the solutions we provide as part of our services are hybrid: we rely on the manual work of analysts and add value to the processes by incorporating automation into projects that can and should use it . In this manner, people can fully engage in tasks that do require human strengths, such as reasoning, judgment, emotional intelligence, and customer interaction. 

In this regard, Matías Arguello, Leader of the Automation Chapter for our DATA services, explained the tasks that are performed in the automation area: “Faced with the challenge posed by each project, we analyze a possible automation process, we look for the most appropriate tool and apply it.  In this way, the work we do for our clients allows their processes to become more efficient while we add quality, speed and scale to their services ”.

RPA - Arbusta

Benefits of process automation

  • Reduce task completion time within a given project. 
  • Maintain the quality of service and make improvements. 
  • Reduce costs for the client. 
  • Avoid possible errors that manual work can generate.

At Arbusta, the business problems we have solved for global companies in data management projects range, among others, from publishing large amounts of content on a marketplace catalog, to comparing documents in a management system. By applying RPA to these processes, we were able to deliver a more agile, faster and scaled service to the client. 

Do you want to know more about our approach to process automation? Write to us at [email protected].